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Legs to walk

I opened my eyes, and tried to sit up. But I couldn’t. My body was completely covered with wires that came from machines on my sides. There was an exception: my legs. My legs were nowhere to be seen.

Dazed and exhausted, I touched in vain the place they were supposed to be. Then I tried to remember, to find memories about how I ended up in the hospital.

A noise to my left made me turn to the window – they were the raindrops hitting it. Staring at it, I recalled another rainy day with the same dark clouds covering the sky.

That morning I finally turned 11, and I had to accept the fact that Hogwarts wasn’t sending me a letter, and that I’m a muggle. Depressed as a kid who had lost his dreams, I walked down the street. Suddenly, a bus stopped in middle of the road. My curiosity forced me to approach it. Closer, I realised that there was some smoke coming out of the bus. I dropped my umbrella, that flew away. But we people don’t fly: I didn’t react in time, and got caught in the blast.

I wondered out loud ”How many days have passed since then?”. Someone answered – it was my brother. He went into the room as soon as I woke up, trying to help me in any possible way.

I hated this consideration towards me. I would have prefered to joke as usual, and to laugh until it starts to hurt. That woulf have been enough for me. But I was still shocked, and needed some time alone. He noticed, and left.

I have made up my mind. Even without legs, I’m still able to walk to the future. Until storm passes, I must learn to dance in it.

Doing so, one day, it will stop raining.

by Guorui Pan, 3º ESO

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