Experiences do help you. in a good or a bad way, but you always learn from them. During your whole life, there will be new challenges you will face. So do it with and open mind and no worries about making mistakes, we grow from them.

I´m about to finish Year 9. This year I’ve lived lots of experiences that have helped me to mature. One of them has been the exchange with England. I had never done an exchange before, so I was pretty nervous. First, the Spanish students flew to England. I was with Elena in Thea´s house (what a huge house!). We went to school with her and attended classes like a common student, but everything was in English! and speaking another language all the time is tiring, so, at the end of the day, I was always exhausted.

But there are also good things. Thanks to the exchange I have met new people, done lots of friends, tried different types of food, known other lifestyles… I have also improved my English and learnt to get along in other environments and with different people. But most important, I think I’ve grown a bit, not in height, but as a person. So proud of me!!!

And that´s not all, because English students have come to Spain and we’ve had lots of fun. We have gone to the theme park, sailed down the river with kayaks, done crafts… Nice experiences!

Now, I know what it is to take care of someone. It´s a big responsibility, you have to make sure your partner is all right and she/he is enjoying the trip. I´m more responsible now thanks to that.

Well, summarizing, the exchange is a challenging experience you shouldn’t miss. I recommend it to everyone and hope next year we will do it again, because it has been one of the best experiences of my life!!!

Leonor Elcid

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