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Life in the Future

Once again, the students in 2º ESO have imagined what life in the future will be like. You would be surprised at the ideas the came up with: aliens, spaceships, destruction, dictators,…but also flying cars, underwater worlds, friendly robots, food pills….

The students in 2ºB read all the essays and decided on the best one; this was their choice:


In the year 3.000, scientists will investigate Area 51, and they will find out that the aliens exist. They will speak with them and they will tell them that, in 3012 the world will end, but they will help people to escape to another Galaxy. They will freeze humans and take them there on spaceships.

After 100 years, in the new planet, life will be like life on Earth. There won´t be rules in the society, because they will respect each other. The transport will be with ships with the shape of eggs and they will be electric. The food will be pills with delicious taste and very nutritive.

The humans will live in skyscrapers and they will be very happy because there will be peace in the new world.

By: Katia Melnychuk and María Jiménez.


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