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Life in the Future

What does the future hold? What is life in the future going to be like?

These are some original visions of a future world that some students of 2nd ESO have come up with. Read and enjoy them.



We think life in the year 3000 will be different from our current life. The world will become a forest, because the scientists will create a virus that will affect the trees’ growth.

The humans will live under the trees, we’ll live next to their roots and we’ll live under threat of a dictatorship of scientists and aliens.

The aliens will have a bomb in case some humans want to start a revolution against them or against scientists. The bomb will be called the HK-70, it can destroy our planet in the blink of an eye only pulsing one red button in the alien’s master ship.

Since the scientists will order the world, the religions will be prohibited around the entire planet.

The world will look like a post-apocalyptic fantasy; that is, we’ll live next to the roots of the trees, but we’ll have the best weapons to defend ourselves of the mutant creatures brought by the aliens.

Money won’t exist.The scientists will bring us the special pills we’ll eat with all the nutrients we need and some weapons. That will create internal riots and discussions between the people for the weapons’ possession and to be more powerful than the rest of the humans.

Paula Mateo and Nora Navarro                          2C ESO



In the year 3000, people will live in the space because we will have destroyed the atmosphere.

They will live in cities in the space, near Mercury, because the temperature will be hotter than in other planets, because of the Sun. There, people will live with aliens, they will be very important for the humans, because they will be their pets.

They will move around with UFO’S or flying cars. UFO’S will be the public transport for inhabitants. Children won’t go to school, but will learn at home with computers.

They will feel bad because they will know that they destroyed the Earth. But, they will think that life in the Earth is still possible.

Melanie Silveira y Sara Gil  2B ESO

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