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The story behind the objects

Which are your favourite fashion items?

This is what we asked our 3rd. year students and they came up with beautiful stories. Some objects are more than that, they may have a moving story waiting to be told. Want to know? Then, read on.

MAGIC SHOES   by Alexia Bumbacea , 3rd B

I have chosen my ballet shoes because when I dance with them I feel as if I’m in another world, I feel special.

For me, those orange shoes aren’t just simple ballet shoes, they are also something indispensable in my life. My dance teacher gave them to me when I was 13 years old and when I wear them, it’s like I’m in a cloud and I forget all my problems and I just dance with my heart, without any bad thoughts in my mind. But those shoes have a beautiful and unforgettable story for me.

My crew and I were in Lyric class rehearshing for the national championship when our teacher, Sara, entered the room.It wasn’t a good day for me ,exams were going out badly and I felt inferior to the rest of the crew. So I ran out to the toilet. In that moment, my teacher came up to me and gave me a new pair of soft, orange ballet shoes and when she gave them to me she said:  ”Don’t cry my darling , save your tears for the stage.”

At the begining I didn’t understand why she gave those shoes to me and I asked her.She told me that when I put them on I’ll understand and she was telling the truth. I went out of the toilet and when I put them on, I forgot all my problems and I felt free.The most important thing for me was doing the best I could, those shoes were magic, they were my magic shoes.

From that day, ballet shoes are very important for me and they may not be beautiful enough but they give me a lot of luck and because of them, I discovered a new world, my world.

RIHANNA’S CREEPERS  by Rebeca Martínez,  3rd B

My favourite piece of clothing is shoes. Especially, I like a type of trainers called “creeper”. In my opinion shoes are an important representation of the type of person you really are; I strongly believe that shoes speak louder than words.

I discovered them when I went to Rihanna’s concert, it was fantastic! Rihanna was wearing this type of trainers. I saw them and immediately fell in love with them. Rihanna had customized them so they were black with silver sequins.

My granny gave them to me for Christmas Invisible Friend. The moment when I was opening the present I felt really curious, what would it be? I saw them and I ran to hug my grandmother. They were the most beautiful trainers I’ve ever seen; they were maroon and very, very comfortable.

I wear them everywhere I go because I love them. I will never throw them out to the rubbish bin even if they wear out. My trainers have a beautiful story because my grandmother died two months ago so when I wear them I remember her. They have become my lucky charm.

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