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Animal Tales

Do you like animals? Then, you will surely enjoy these tales that some of our 1º ESO students wrote.


Peter was a little boy who lived in the streets of London asking for money and sleeping on the stairs of St.Paul’s Cathedral.

He felt sad and lonely. His mother died when he was born and his father neglected him.

One day, while he was walking he found a puppy. He called the dog Bo. Bo and Peter loved to see circus performances and together they did some tricks.

One month later, Peter dressed up as a clown and put a red nose in Bo’s nose. They went to Trafalgar Square and gave an incredible circus performance. People were amazed. At the end of the day Peter and Bo earned enough money to rent a loft and eat Peter’s favorite dish… Fish and Chips!

An old man asked Peter to be part of his circus, together with Bo.

This day Peter and Bo stopped having money problems. They became reach and famous all over the world!

By Paula Los.


There was a girl and her canary that went to Paris to visit the Eiffel Tower because she thought that it was made of pearls. But when she saw it, she became sad .

The next day a woman saw her canary and asked Mimi:

«How much is your wonderful canary?»

Mimi said:

«Oh no, no, I don’t sell my canary»

And the woman became a little bit sad and said:

«Sorry but I need it to give a party for my daughter»

The next day the woman had something to say to Mimi:

«Hi, I offer you one thing, you work for me in my shop in exchange for your canary so I can give my daughter a party, okey?”

Mimi said: » Yes, obviously!»

And now Mimi works in a little shop in Paris in front of the Eiffel Tower and her canary gives parties for children. The dreams of Mimi came true with the help of her canary.

This story proves that you never have to surrender to your dreams and make them overcome everything that is in your way!!!

By Sabrina Iriarte.


The cotton girl is sick and there are many abominable aphids on her leaves. How much she hopes to have a doctor to treat her!

The swallow flew by. The cotton girl said :

“Please, help me to catch the aphids” The swallow said: “ Sorry, I will only catch the insects flying in the air. Ask someone else to help you”

The woodpecker flew by. The cotton girl said:

“Please, help me to catch the aphids” The woodpecker said: “ Sorry, I will only catch the insects in the trunk. Ask someone else to help you”

The frog jumped. The cotton girl said happily:

“Please, help me to catch the aphids” The frog said: “Sorry, I will only catch the insects in the field. Ask someone else to help you”

Suddenly, a group of round little bugs flew by. Soon, all the aphids were eaten up. The cotton girl said in amazement: “Who are you?” The bugs said: “We have seven spots on our body, like seven stars. Everyone calls us seven-spot ladybugs”

Soon, the cotton girl’s illness was over, and she grew green leaves and split out snow-white cotton. She smiled!

By Yuting Jiang.



Once upon a time, there was a boy called Pablo, who went to a campsite with his friend Lucía. They went to a small village called Calanda.

One day, Pablo and Lucía decided to visit a big forest that was near the village. When they stopped to eat, they heard strange noises, so they started to be afraid.

When they finished their lunch, they started looking where those noises came from. They found a wolf which had a broken leg, so they helped the wolf. When the wolf was better, they called a vet. Finally the vet took the wolf to his office, and Pablo and Lucía went back to the campsite.

By Pablo Camín.





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