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In Love with Japan.

Definitely, Aomori is one of the places that I would like to visit. Aomori is a city of Japan that is located in the Tohoku region, north of Honsu. Aomori’s name means “blue forest”, for the transparency of its waters. Aomori has got a humid climate with hot summers and cold, although not extreme, winters. This city has got a population of about 281 130 people.

If you like art, you should go and visit the Munakata Shiko Museum. It’s a building where you can see Munakata’s works (he’s a Japanese painter). There are 700 works, although this painter’s masterpiece, “The Ten Disciples of Buddha”, is always exhibited. The opening hours vary according to the season, so be careful when you book tickets online!

If you’re a cherry blossoms lover, like me, I recommend you to take a walk around the Gappo Park. In March and April, hundreds of these cherry trees let their flowers open and the Japanese people make picnics here to enjoy it. It’s a sight worth admiring.

The Sukayu Onsen are public hot springs available for men and women. One day here is around ¥600 (approximately €5). They also offer a very good food service, with the most typical Japanese food. This Onsen is surrounded by nature, you’ll be delighted with the beautiful views!

But of course, one of the most curious things about Aomori is… The Yonhiki Neko Café! The neko cafés are themed cafés whose attraction is to observe and play with cats (“neko” means cat in Japanese). It’s a quiet place where you can drink a tea or a coffee accompanied by a cute cat. If you are a neko lover, this would be your ideal place.

Finally, if I had to choose a season to go it’ll be at the beginning of August.       At this time, Nebuta Matsuri is held, a festival of huge lantern-figure chariots parading around the city, alongside with dancers.

I would be very happy to visit Aomori. I’ll ask my mother to plan an itinerary for this summer!

By Serena Petit. 3º ESO B

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