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Concurso historias breves digitales en inglés

Aquí tenemos a los dos ganadores del concurso de historias breves digitales de inglés, «Storytelling context» recibiendo sus premios por parte del Dpto de Inglés del IES Miguel Servet; Teresa Ramos de 1 Bach A y Alejandro Martínez de 1 Bach B. ¡Enhorabuena a ambos!
Aquí están sus super relatos:
Someday she will wake up knowing everything will have ended. She will look out the window, and she will stare at the ambulance whose lights will dye her house blue. She will look for me, and when she has found me, as the ambulance takes her corpse away, she will say:
-I have been waiting for you.
But she will never know I am the one who waits for her.
Because even The Death can love.
My last book . . .
Today, 16th October 2198, is the day, is the last day that I am going to feel horror,anxiety or fear, because tomorrow, I will read the last page of my life, the last page with my heart burning drawn on it, thank you dear past, you did the best future of death.
I.E.S. MIGUEL SERVET - Paseo Ruiseñores, 49-51 | 50006 Zaragoza

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