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Life in the Future

Once again, the students in 2º ESO have imagined what life in the future will be like. You would be surprised at the ideas the came up with: aliens, spaceships, destruction, dictators,…but also flying cars, underwater worlds, friendly robots, food pills….

The students in 2ºB read all the essays and decided on the best one; this was their choice:


In the year 3.000, scientists will investigate Area 51, and they will find out that the aliens exist. They will speak with them and they will tell them that, in 3012 the world will end, but they will help people to escape to another Galaxy. They will freeze humans and take them there on spaceships.

After 100 years, in the new planet, life will be like life on Earth. There won´t be rules in the society, because they will respect each other. The transport will be with ships with the shape of eggs and they will be electric. The food will be pills with delicious taste and very nutritive.

The humans will live in skyscrapers and they will be very happy because there will be peace in the new world.

By: Katia Melnychuk and María Jiménez.


Intercambio con Warminster

From 4th to 11th May the pupils from Warminster School visited us. We were really looking forward to seeing them again to show them Zaragoza and our school. It has been an intense week in which we have had time to attend lessons, go on a gymkhana around the city center, paddle in the Ebro, do a scrapbook workshop and even dance Jota.

Del 4 al 11 de mayo nos visitaron los compañeros de Warminster School. Estábamos deseando volver a verlos y, que conocieran Zaragoza y nuestro instituto. Ha sido una semana muy intensa en la que nos ha dado tiempo de ir a clase, hacer una gymkana por el centro de la ciudad, remar en el Ebro, hacer un taller de scrapbook y hasta bailar la Jota.

Dispuestos a pasar una jornada de emociones en el parque de atracciones

Dispuestos a pasar una jornada de emociones en el parque de atracciones

Detrás de la Lonja, alrededor del caballito después de la Gymkana por el centro  de Zaragoza

Detrás de la Lonja, alrededor del caballito después de la Gymkana por el centro de Zaragoza

La última foto antes de volver a Inglaterra

La última foto antes de volver a Inglaterra

Guess the Character 2016 – 2017: 3rd Character /3er Personaje

With this 3rd character, our 3rd year students discovered the great world of Greek mythology. For it was Ulysses (or Odysseus), the hero in the Greek epic poem “The Odyssey” written by Homer at the end of the 8th century BC.

In the library sessions, they learnt about Ulysses’ 10-year-voyage back home to Ithaca, and his adventures with the Cyclops Polyphemus, the witch-goddess Circe or the “enchanting” sirens. And, like in the previous sessions, they were also “enchanted” by Jesús and Pilar’s stories.

This time it was Alicia Niessen, from 3º A, who got the prize, the book “El silbido del arquero”, by Irene Vallejo. But another surprise was awaiting her at the library when she came to collect it. The writer herself was there!!! She autographed the book for Alicia and had some kind words with her. Thank you Irene!



Con este personaje, nuestros alumnos de 3º descubrieron el fascinante mundo de la mitología griega. Pues sí, el personaje escondidos tras las pistas era Ulises, el héroe de “La Odisea”, un poema épico griego escrito por Homero a finales del s.VIII AC.

En las sesiones de la biblioteca, aprendieron sobre el viaje de Ulises de regreso a Ítaca y sus aventuras con el Cíclope Polifemo, la diosa-bruja Circe o las “encantadoras” sirenas. Y como en las sesiones anteriores, ellos también fueron “encantados” por las embaucadoras historias de Jesús y Pilar.

Esta vez,  fue Alicia Niessen, de 3º A, quien consiguió el premio, el libro “El silbido del arquero” de la joven autora zaragozana Irene Vallejo, licenciada en filología clásica. Pero otra sorpresa esperaba a Alicia en la biblioteca, ¡la propia autora estaba allí para hacerle entrega del libro! Le firmó el libro y le dedicó unas amables palabras a Alicia, que estaba emocionada. ¡Gracias Irene !


The Joy of Life

The garments I consider as my favourites are a pair of lamb black gloves. I said ”my”, but they haven’t always belonged to me. In fact, the reason of my adherence to them are the memories they harbour from their former owner.

The aforementioned owner was a pale-skinned girl that had her short black hair matching in colour with her monochromatic attire. But the habit does not make the monk: contrary to her gloomy outfit, her personality showed a moving kindness.
That unflinching smile would never wipe away from her face. Her everlasting optimism made me consider that maybe, she didn’t know the meaning of pain. But her eyes said otherwise.
Those irises, as dark as her hair, leaked from time to time a shadow of melancholy. Imploring glances tried to tell me several times about her concerns. But words are in vain for he who doesn’t know how to listen.
The situation became unbearable. One day, I asked her directly. She avoided uneasily the question. But given that I was so persistent, she took off her facade and broke in tears.
Repentant of not having asked sooner, I felt powerless against the bad news. Suddenly, there were not enough saints to pray for. We’re candles. The wax represents our lifespan. And her candle was burning crazily fast because of an incurable disease.
All I could do was to say consoling words, and to let her cry as hard as she wanted. That futile act seemed to work well, though. Next day, there was no trace of the sadness she bore a few hours ago.
Upon then, her eyes sparked with laughter every single second of her life, just as fireworks. And she knew that fireworks’ brightness is just ephemereal. So, she decided to glitter with more intensity than the rest of lights.
The day sky became dark again, she left behind these gloves. Now I’m warming up my hands with the memories they cherish, seeking for a new candle to light my night.
by Guorui Pan, 3º ESO

Film Sessions

El martes 21 y el miércoles 22 de marzo, el Departamento de Inglés organizó una sesiones de cine para todos los alumnos del centro.

El objetivo era ver una película integramente en versión original con subtítulos en inglés, en el salón de actos, como si de un verdadero cine se tratara.

El tema esta vez era Cine y Literatura. Con una sesiones previas de preparación, cada grupo trabajó con su profesora correspondiente para conocer  el autor, la época y la obra sobre la que se basa la película.

Las películas elegidas han sido:

Para 1º y 2º ESO: Tarzan, película de Disney basada en las novelas de Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Para 3º y 4º ESO: Oliver Twist, de Roman Polansky, basada en la novela de Charles Dickens.

Para 1º y 2º de Bachillerato: Jane Eyre, de Cary Fukunaga, basada en la novela de Charlotte Brontë.

Esperamos que todos hayan disfrutado y aprendido con estas sesiones.

poster cine&lit

On 21st. and 22nd. March, the English Department organized 3 Film Sessions with all our students.

The aim was to watch an entire film in English with Spanish subtitles, in the theatre hall of our school, as if it really were a cinema!

The topic this time was Film and Literature, so that our students got to know some relevant American and British novelists, with the help of some previous activities with their teachers.

The chosen films were: Tarzan (1º/2º ESO), Oliver Twist (3º/4º ESO) and Jane Eyre (1º/2º Bach)

We really hope they enjoyed and learned with the sessions!

World in Wiltshire for “Bachillerato” pupils

As part of the World in Wiltshire program selection process, during the next few days interviews to applicant pupils are being carried out by the English Department. The list of applicants with the dates and times of the interviews is to be found in the call shown on the English Department notice board.

Como parte del proceso de selección del programa World in Wiltshire, el Departamento de Inglés va a realizar entrevistas a los alumnos solicitantes. La lista de solicitantes con las fechas y horas de las entrevistas se encuentra en la convocatoria expuesta en el tablón de anuncios del Departamento de Inglés.

The story behind the objects

Which are your favourite fashion items?

This is what we asked our 3rd. year students and they came up with beautiful stories. Some objects are more than that, they may have a moving story waiting to be told. Want to know? Then, read on.

MAGIC SHOES   by Alexia Bumbacea , 3rd B

I have chosen my ballet shoes because when I dance with them I feel as if I’m in another world, I feel special.

For me, those orange shoes aren’t just simple ballet shoes, they are also something indispensable in my life. My dance teacher gave them to me when I was 13 years old and when I wear them, it’s like I’m in a cloud and I forget all my problems and I just dance with my heart, without any bad thoughts in my mind. But those shoes have a beautiful and unforgettable story for me.

My crew and I were in Lyric class rehearshing for the national championship when our teacher, Sara, entered the room.It wasn’t a good day for me ,exams were going out badly and I felt inferior to the rest of the crew. So I ran out to the toilet. In that moment, my teacher came up to me and gave me a new pair of soft, orange ballet shoes and when she gave them to me she said:  ”Don’t cry my darling , save your tears for the stage.”

At the begining I didn’t understand why she gave those shoes to me and I asked her.She told me that when I put them on I’ll understand and she was telling the truth. I went out of the toilet and when I put them on, I forgot all my problems and I felt free.The most important thing for me was doing the best I could, those shoes were magic, they were my magic shoes.

From that day, ballet shoes are very important for me and they may not be beautiful enough but they give me a lot of luck and because of them, I discovered a new world, my world.

RIHANNA’S CREEPERS  by Rebeca Martínez,  3rd B

My favourite piece of clothing is shoes. Especially, I like a type of trainers called “creeper”. In my opinion shoes are an important representation of the type of person you really are; I strongly believe that shoes speak louder than words.

I discovered them when I went to Rihanna’s concert, it was fantastic! Rihanna was wearing this type of trainers. I saw them and immediately fell in love with them. Rihanna had customized them so they were black with silver sequins.

My granny gave them to me for Christmas Invisible Friend. The moment when I was opening the present I felt really curious, what would it be? I saw them and I ran to hug my grandmother. They were the most beautiful trainers I’ve ever seen; they were maroon and very, very comfortable.

I wear them everywhere I go because I love them. I will never throw them out to the rubbish bin even if they wear out. My trainers have a beautiful story because my grandmother died two months ago so when I wear them I remember her. They have become my lucky charm.

Guess the Character 2016 – 2017: 2nd Character / 2º Personaje

Did you guess our hidden character?

Yes!!!! It was Tom Sawyer, from the novel The Adventures of Tom Sawyer written by American author Mark Twain in 1876.

The novel is about a young boy growing up along the Mississippi River. It is set in the fictional town of St. Petersburg, inspired by Hannibal, Missouri, where Twain lived.

A lot of students from 2º ESO participated voting in the school library, trying to guess the character, following the clues week after week.

DSC06052 DSC06057


After the entertaining and enjoyable sessions, lead by Jesús,Pilar and Elena, where they learnt a lot about Tom Sawyer and Mark Twain, it was time to draw the winner from Tom’s straw hat. It was Alejandro Betts, from 2º ESO B, who got a fantastic version of the book in comic format. Congratulations!

IMG-20170216-WA0001 IMG-20170216-WA0006

If you enjoyed playing with us, wait for our next character, coming soon!!!

Look for the clues in the school library.

Who can it be now?


¿Adivinaste nuestro personaje oculto?

Efectivamente, era Tom Swayer, de la novela Las Aventuras de Tom Swayer,  escrita en 1876 por el  autor norteamericano Mark Twain.

Esta vez jugaba 2º ESO y muchos alumnos participaron votando en la biblioteca del centro intentando adivinar el personaje. siguiendo las pistas semana tras semana.

Tras las amenas y emocionantes sesiones en la biblioteca dirigidas por Jesús, Pilar y Elena, llegó el turno de sacar el ganador del sombrero de paja de Tom. Fue Alejandro Betts, de 2º B, quien se llevó una fantástica versión de la novela en formato comic. ¡Enhorabuena!

Si lo pasaste bien jugando con nosotros, no te pierdas nuestro próximo personaje.

¿Quién será esta vez?



Legs to walk

I opened my eyes, and tried to sit up. But I couldn’t. My body was completely covered with wires that came from machines on my sides. There was an exception: my legs. My legs were nowhere to be seen.

Dazed and exhausted, I touched in vain the place they were supposed to be. Then I tried to remember, to find memories about how I ended up in the hospital.

A noise to my left made me turn to the window – they were the raindrops hitting it. Staring at it, I recalled another rainy day with the same dark clouds covering the sky.

That morning I finally turned 11, and I had to accept the fact that Hogwarts wasn’t sending me a letter, and that I’m a muggle. Depressed as a kid who had lost his dreams, I walked down the street. Suddenly, a bus stopped in middle of the road. My curiosity forced me to approach it. Closer, I realised that there was some smoke coming out of the bus. I dropped my umbrella, that flew away. But we people don’t fly: I didn’t react in time, and got caught in the blast.

I wondered out loud ”How many days have passed since then?”. Someone answered – it was my brother. He went into the room as soon as I woke up, trying to help me in any possible way.

I hated this consideration towards me. I would have prefered to joke as usual, and to laugh until it starts to hurt. That woulf have been enough for me. But I was still shocked, and needed some time alone. He noticed, and left.

I have made up my mind. Even without legs, I’m still able to walk to the future. Until storm passes, I must learn to dance in it.

Doing so, one day, it will stop raining.

by Guorui Pan, 3º ESO

Intercambio con Warminster School

Un grupo de 20 alumnos de 2º de ESO han participado en el intercambio con el colegio inglés Warminster School. Durante una semana, del 8 al 15 de diciembre, nuestros alumnos han podido convivir con sus compañeros británicos, han asistido a clase con ellos, han conocido la preciosa ciudad de Bath y han visitado Stonehenge, un lugar único en el mundo.


En mayo seremos nosotros los anfitriones. Del 3 al 10 de mayo los estudiantes ingleses tendrán la oportunidad de convivir con familias españolas. Por supuesto, les enseñaremos nuestra ciudad y participarán, además, en diversas actividades académicas y lúdicas. Seguro que será, también, una semana muy emocionante para todos.

Guess the Character 2016 – 2017: 1st Character / 1er Personaje

A principio de curso, retomamos el concurso Guess the Character que tuvo tan buena acogida el año pasado por parte de todos los participantes. Y como siempre, empezó jugando 1º de ESO, aunque sabemos que muchos de vosotros también seguís las pistas.

¿Acertasteis el personaje? Efectivamente, Alice in Wonderland, sí, Alicia en el País de las Maravillas!!!!!!

En la biblioteca, Jesús y Pilar introdujeron a los alumnos en el loco universo del Sombrereo Loco , la Reina de Corazones y el Gato de Chesire, y ellos atendieron maravillados, como Alicia, siguiendo todas esas aventuras disparatadas.



Muchos habían acertado el personaje, pero sólo uno podía ser el ganador. Una mano inocente sacó del sombrero del Sombrerero, como no, el nombre del ganador. !Enhorabuena!





Going to Tossa has been a amazing experience. Although it rained two of the days, the monitors managed to keep us entertained with really fun games.
The monitors were quite young (19 years) so we felt like they were our older brothers and sisters instead of our teachers.
There was a big dinning room with lots of tables; food was really good and we ate what we wanted to. The houses were nice, but there were ants walking up and down the walls.
Sara Escudero 1ºA

Life in the Future

What does the future hold? What is life in the future going to be like?

These are some original visions of a future world that some students of 2nd ESO have come up with. Read and enjoy them.



We think life in the year 3000 will be different from our current life. The world will become a forest, because the scientists will create a virus that will affect the trees’ growth.

The humans will live under the trees, we’ll live next to their roots and we’ll live under threat of a dictatorship of scientists and aliens.

The aliens will have a bomb in case some humans want to start a revolution against them or against scientists. The bomb will be called the HK-70, it can destroy our planet in the blink of an eye only pulsing one red button in the alien’s master ship.

Since the scientists will order the world, the religions will be prohibited around the entire planet.

The world will look like a post-apocalyptic fantasy; that is, we’ll live next to the roots of the trees, but we’ll have the best weapons to defend ourselves of the mutant creatures brought by the aliens.

Money won’t exist.The scientists will bring us the special pills we’ll eat with all the nutrients we need and some weapons. That will create internal riots and discussions between the people for the weapons’ possession and to be more powerful than the rest of the humans.

Paula Mateo and Nora Navarro                          2C ESO



In the year 3000, people will live in the space because we will have destroyed the atmosphere.

They will live in cities in the space, near Mercury, because the temperature will be hotter than in other planets, because of the Sun. There, people will live with aliens, they will be very important for the humans, because they will be their pets.

They will move around with UFO’S or flying cars. UFO’S will be the public transport for inhabitants. Children won’t go to school, but will learn at home with computers.

They will feel bad because they will know that they destroyed the Earth. But, they will think that life in the Earth is still possible.

Melanie Silveira y Sara Gil  2B ESO

My Favourite Place

What is your favourite place? A crowded big city? A peaceful little village? Here we have a few of our 2º ESO pupils’ favourite ones.



“On summer holidays, I stay  in my grandpa’s house. It’s an old house built in the 60′, when my parents were born. There is a garden, a small one, and there are hundreds of beautiful flowers. It’s a perfect place for sleeping.

In spite of being on holidays, I get up early. My grandpa has got a strict schedule. I feel a bit half asleep, but the effort is worth. The sunrise you can see from my grandpa’s garden is one of the main reasons why my favourite place is this village.

Even though my grandpa is already 70, he’s still so energetic and every afternoon I spend with him, he takes me to a nearby river, and we catch our dinner. He really’s a good cook. No wonder why my mother cooks so well.”

Guo Rui Pan, 2º ESO A



It’s like a huge peaceful corridor where you can stare the blue shine of the sea, and the beautiful village of Cambrils. Next to this place, you can find the red lighthouse of the village which leads the fishing boats on their return from their daily work. You can also see how the harbor becomes colorful when all the ships are tied. Funny seagulls fly around and try to fish as they are observed by people arrived from many different countries. I think it is the most beautiful place in Cambrils!

Marina Clavel, 2º ESO A



It’s one of the most cosmopolitan cities of Spain. It has the most beautiful and greatest park -for me­- and the palace of the city is more elegant than Buckingham Palace, in London. Do you know what the city is? Oh yes, you´re right. It’s Madrid.

Madrid is the capital of Spain and it’s the largest municipality of the Community of Madrid with a population of 3.2 million. It’s the third largest cosmopolitan area of the European Union, after London and Berlin. And it’s the third largest metropolitan area of the European Union with 6.5 million after London and Paris.


Paula Longares, 2º ESO A



My favourite  place is Cambrils beach, in Tarragona.It is a sandy and beautiful beach, but in summer it’s very busy and crowded.

Near the beach, there is a port, it’s lively and pleasant, you can see the boats and later eat in a restaurant or have an ice cream.


Manuela Navarro , 2º ESO C



I like the park because it is very natural and it has a lot of things to do,too. If you go to this park, you can find people having a good time, children playing, old people reading and groups of people that do sport or talk together. For example, I go to this place with my friends to skate or run.

Nora Navarro, 2º ESO C



One of my favourite places I like to go to, is my village, Cunchillos, a neighbourhood of Tarazona, near the Moncayo. I like it because it is quieter than the city, very few people live in it, about 100 people.

People go to the Teleclub, the only local bar in the neighbourhood, to talk or play cards while having a coffee or a soft drink, or children play outside in the park. There aren´t shops, so they have to go shopping to Tarazona. Cunchillos

Many friends who live in Tarazona come down to their grandparents´ houses in Cunchillos to spend the afternoon or the day, and play football or go cycling. In summer we usually go to the swimming pool at a friend’s house, and at night we go to the cemetery to see the stars.

I think it´s a quiet place to spend a few days on holiday or for the weekend.

Alicia Alegre, 2º ESO B



Bath has got many interesting places to go to.

The first thing that you see when you’re walking around Bath city is Pulteney’s beautiful bridge.City-of-Bath Farther on, there is a university, Crescent Bath University, which is surrounded by a very peaceful, colourful and big park. You can spend hours in the park without getting bored and in the morning, you can see people walking their dogs, doing sport or sitting on a bench reading a book.

But the place I like the most is the shopping centre; there are a lot of shops and it’s outdoors! My favourite shop is ‘Jack of Bath’, they sell a lot of souvenirs about England and Bath itself.

It’s the best city that I’ve ever seen and that is the reason why I’m in love with Bath!

Alexia Bumbacea,  2º ESO B

“English Week” en Tossa de Mar

Del 9 al 13 de mayo, un grupo de alumnos de 1º ESO ha participado en una actividad de inmersión lingüística con actividades lúdico-deportivas en el pueblo costero de Tossa de Mar, Gerona. Durante cinco días, han disfrutado de actividades y deportes al aire libre con monitoras angloparlantes. Toda una experiencia que muchos quieren repetir.

I.E.S. MIGUEL SERVET - Paseo Ruiseñores, 49-51 | 50006 Zaragoza

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